Chapter 749: Sudden Turnabout

Chapter 749: Sudden Turnabout

Pill Master Yu was secretly full of glee when he noticed the state his opponent was in. He'd deployed several layers of poisons there. He hadn't been completely thorough because he'd been short on time, but the blend of all the various poisons would have an even stronger and more immediate consciousness-sealing effect. It would destroy a man's consciousness as soon as it penetrated inside, making him living dead!

Judging from the situation over there, could his opponent have failed to spot even a consciousness-assaulting poison like this? Pill Master Yu couldn't stop himself from silently shouting in glee. Poisons striking at the consciousness were usually easy to spot, because pill masters usually had a very keen consciousness. However, by the looks of it, his opponent had clearly failed to notice it. His consciousness seemed to have been sealed already! Hence, Pill Master Yu was simply overflowing with pride. The allotted time of fifteen minutes was also about to end!

Just when Pill Master Yu was strutting with assurance, a warning sign suddenly came from consciousness. What’s going on? Pill Master Yu's heart quailed. Why had his consciousness suddenly produced a...

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