Chapter 748: A Game of Life and Death

Chapter 748: A Game of Life and Death

"House lord, does Pill Master Zhen dare to play this game? You invited him, after all. The stakes are life and death. I hope they're not too high, hmm?" Wei Tiantong smiled, his tone layered with a false kindness.

Wei Tianxiao snuck a glance at Jiang Chen, who nodded imperceptibly. Emboldened by the gesture, he laughed. "Ole Fifth, it is I who should say that to you."

"There are never any stakes too high for me." Wei Tiantong chuckled. "Pill King Yu, my reputation hangs on your shoulders today."

Smiling faintly, Pill Master Yu flicked a glance at Jiang Chen with some vehemence. "Kid, this place is too cramped. There’s no room for us to show off our abilities without hurting the others here. How about we find an open space?" Pill Master Yu jerked his head towards Jiang Chen in challenge.

Standing up slowly, Jiang Chen headed outside.

"Come on everyone, let's go watch." Wei Tianxiao took the lead, ambling after him with an easy smile.

Wei Tiantong was amused at his brother's feigned calm, and looked at him scornfully. Wei Tianxiao, you really don't come around until you...

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