Chapter 747: A Battle Between Pill Kings

Chapter 747: A Battle Between Pill Kings

"Fifth Uncle, since we're talking about unrelated persons, shouldn't you take a look around yourself first? I don’t recall those random strays by your side being allowed to attend a house meeting." Wei Jie’s countenance was displeased, and his frosty words pointed directly at Wei Tiantong.

According to the house meeting rules, as the son of the current house lord, Wei Jie was the heir and thus had the right to attend meetings. On the other hand, while Wei Tiantong was second-in-command, he was not technically a candidate for house lord. In the unforeseen event of the house lord's incapacitation, the second-in-command could only take over temporarily before the successor was decided. As such,the second-in-command had no actual claims to the position. Thus, though Wei Tiantong had the right to attend the house meeting as well, one couldn’t say the same for his son Wei Xiu.

Despite this, it was customary for Wei Tiantong to flaunt his importance, and he brought his son to every meeting. Because of Wei Tianxiao's lack of opposition, no one else was in a position to criticize him. Under more serious scrutiny and taking into...

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