Chapter 745: Great Success

Chapter 745: Great Success

“What's the matter, Brother Zhuo?” Elder Feng couldn't help but ask when he noticed Elder Zhuo's strange expression. Concern causes confusion. He was curious about Mo Ye's secret prescription, and also worried about the possibility that this Pill Master Zhen might not be reliable and harm his disciple in an attempt to cure him.

Elder Zhuo squeezed out a wry smile and handed the prescription to Elder Feng. The latter’s expression also became amazingly complicated with a single glance. He slammed a hand down on the table. “Utter drivel!” Elder Feng's character was of the stubborn and old-fashioned sort. He naturally erupted in anger upon seeing this ludicrous prescription and was on the verge of charging into the private chamber and hauling Mu Ge out, interrupting the detoxifying session right then and there.

Wei Jie didn't know what this secret prescription was either. He took it and glanced over it, with his expression also turning incomparably strange, a similarly wry smile frozen on his face.

There were only a few words written on it. Nine women at night, repeat for three days. Then, take my pills and you will recover.

“Old friend, what are you doing?” Elder Zhuo saw Elder Feng storming off to the private chamber and hurriedly pulled him to...

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