Chapter 743: Elder Zhuo’s Great Admiration

Chapter 743: Elder Zhuo’s Great Admiration

The self-confidence on Jiang Chen's face, his easy calm and temperament—even someone as experienced as Elder Zhuo couldn't find the barest hint of a flaw. Ease and confidence weren't the only things he saw from Jiang Chen's eyes. He felt a trace of sincerity in those depths. In comparison, Elder Zhuo disliked the pill master at Wei Tiantong's side. That fellow might be a man of few words, but there was also the trace of something deceitful and sinister just simmering beneath the surface. This feeling was something very unwelcome for someone with such upstanding righteousness like Elder Zhuo. If he didn't have something to request of the pill master, he'd want nothing to do with such a person.

Wei Jie was very quick witted. Seeing Elder Zhuo waver right then, he knew this was a weak point he could take advantage of. He hastily spoke up, “Elder Zhuo, perhaps your esteemed self isn't aware of certain things yet. Last time I left home, a traitor of the house plotted against me and poisoned me with Ninelaugh Golden Buddha Powder. No pill master I found could treat it. In the end, Brother Zhen was the one who rescued me from the very brink of death. I happen to suspect Wei Tiantong's pill master to be the one who poisoned me.”

“What?!” Elder Zhao naturally didn't know such a secret. He was...

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