Chapter 741: The Deviant Pill Faction

Chapter 741: The Deviant Pill Faction

The news that Wei Jie brought back depressed Wei Tianxiao greatly. It was as if someone had just gut-punched him.. hard. He’d always known Wei Tiantong was up to some petty tricks, but he hadn't imagined the situation to be this severe. Among the six decision-makers in the clan, four was on Wei Tiantong's side. Setting aside Wei Tiantong himself, two of the three other clan elders had always been neutral before. Prior to this, they had even showed inklings of leaning towards Wei Tianxiao. Their new leaning towards Wei Tiantong signified a problem.

"Father, there won't be problems with third great-uncle, right?" Wei Jie asked carefully.

"Your great-uncle is my very own uncle. There is no need to worry. He is absolutely reliable."

"If the six people are half-and-half, father should have the initiative again, no?" Wei Jie wondered.

"Hmm. Before now, it was always your third great-uncle and me against Wei Tiantong and his confidante. With the other two maintaining neutrality, the balance was maintained. As the house lord, I could keep things under control."

"So if we win one of...

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