Chapter 740: Inner Turmoil Surfaces in House Wei

Chapter 740: Inner Turmoil Surfaces in House Wei

Slow and steady wins the race; no great city was built in a day. No matter how much expertise I have, I can't apply it without sufficient strength to back me up. That fact had been proven to him numerous times in the past. He'd thought the Longevity Pill to be something insignificant, but the consequences it had given rise to had been astonishing. Though it wasn’t the main reason for the joint invasion of the Eternal Celestial Capital and the Great Scarlet Mid Region, its existence had certainly caused the invaders to focus on Regal Pill Palace.

However, it had also allowed the lives of Elder Yun Nie and his peers to be spared. Regal Pill Palace still had a remnant of life left, unlike the other completely exterminated sects. The world was transient. Good and evil accompanied each other in unpredictable ways. Learning from his past mistakes, Jiang Chen decided to be more cautious.  "Young master Wei, let's go take a look at your family's storefront," Jiang Chen suggested with interest.

Wei Jie had no objections. Through the trouble with the Ninelaugh...

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