Chapter 739: The Goal of Establishing Himself in Veluriyam Capital

Chapter 739: The Goal of Establishing Himself in Veluriyam Capital

“Heh heh, Brother Tong, what an unfortunate timing. We’d just decided to implement some new plans for that store. I fear Brother Tong has made a trip for nothing.” Rather than beating around the bush, Tong Tianxiao made his position clear by refusing directly.

“House Lord Wei, you’re not deceiving me on purpose, are you? That shop’s business has always been, well to say the least, lackluster. If you rent it to me, I can guarantee at least the double your current profit. Are you sure you can find that much success with anything else? In Farmer God Market, it’s a dead end if you don’t deal in pills.” The leader of House Tong nattered on as though he were releasing firecrackers. His words came out in rapid fire, persuasive, yet still sounding very arrogant.

In contrast, Wei Tianxiao was slow and leisurely, “This is my house’s business; there’s no need for Brother Tong to be unduly worried.”

The leader of House Tong chuckled. “Tell me the secret, what are you planning? You’re not thinking about selling pills, are you? Your House Wei, hehe, better forget about pills…”

Those words completely crossed the boundary of rudeness. Even Wei Jie’s face became frosty. However, Wei Tianxiao was still as tranquil as a drifting cloud. “Won’t...

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