Chapter 737: Lord of the Majestic Clan

Chapter 737: Lord of the Majestic Clan

However, Jiang Chen wasn’t easily fooled. It was easy to claim loyalty, but it wasn’t that easy to actually feel loyalty. “Everyone, I have no way of knowing how sincere you are, so I’m just going to ask one question: do you want me to use restrictions in your consciousness to restrict you until the day you are freed, or do you want to take the initiative and swear to the heavens that you’ll serve me loyally? I’m not a greedy person. A mere twenty years is all I ask.”

Everyone was overjoyed when they heard Jiang Chen’s choice. Meng Redhair hastily asked, “Young master, will you truly unlock the restriction in our consciousness if we swear to the heavens?”

Everyone else were staring at Jiang Chen in surprise too. They obviously hadn’t expected to be given such a pleasant choice. Both choices were restrictions of a sort, but the heaven’s oath was far less strict than a restriction in one’s consciousness. But the difference between the two restrictions were obvious.

It was true that a heaven’s oath was extremely strong, but there wouldn’t be any consequences as long as they didn’t willingly go against their oath. However, a restriction in one’s consciousness was different. Such a restriction meant that their lives were completely in the other party’s hands. Even if they...

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