Chapter 735: Group Acceptance

Chapter 735: Group Acceptance

"Senior brother Shen, we would have all been condemned to eternal servitude if not for our young master. We would have no opportunity to resist or rebel, only endless suffering and shame," Xue Tong spoke up. Unlike the other sect members who had been executed or slain in the conflict, these people had been able to hide away in Jiang Chen's residence. Thus, they dared not show disregard for these members of his personal guard.

"Brother Xue, what’s going on? Can you talk about it in detail? Who is this enemy of the Regal Pill Palace? Is the sect alright?" Shen Trifire asked.

Xue Tong didn’t hide the specifics from them. He gave a comprehensive account of events, omitting only the things Jiang Chen had instructed him to. All of the disciples were shocked, their faces gone bloodless. The sect had been shattered! Almost no living members of the sect remained aside from themselves. Palace Head Dan Chi was nowhere to be found!

The Regal Pill Palace wasn't alone in this predicament. The entire Myriad Domain was in shambles. All of its sects had been attacked, regardless of size, and it had been almost a total rout. In other words,...

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