Chapter 732: Running Into Yet Another Problem

Chapter 732: Running Into Yet Another Problem

"What is it?" Seeing Jiang Chen's expression darken so suddenly, Huang'er realized that the situation wasn't as optimistic as she’d first thought.

"As I thought, those that work in this business are all animals. Aside from everyone’s senses being sealed, their vitals have been sealed as well. If they make the wrong move, their qi ocean will self-detonate. Vicious indeed!" Jiang Chen swore in a low tone.

Hearing this, Huang'er's expression sank as well.

"Let's see if the others are here." She was the first to calm down and came forward to help. The masks were torn away one by one, and the faces of fellow sect members steadily appeared. Suddenly, there was a cry of pleasant surprise. "Big sister Gouyu!"

A mask was removed over on Huang’er’s side, revealing Gouyu's face beneath. Her senses had been sealed away, but Gouyu's expression was still defiant and unyielding. Her cheeks were thin and pale. She had evidently suffered a lot during her capture. Yet to Huang’er and Jiang Chen, the sight of her was invigorating. They removed all the remaining masks in a concerted effort.

Xue Tong, Guo Jin, the Qiao brothers, Wen Ziqi, Shen Trifire, Rong Zifeng, Ouyang...

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