Chapter 730: You Forced Me to Rob You

Chapter 730: You Forced Me to Rob You

However, Shopkeeper Li had also mentioned that they had a rapid turnover. These slaves might be considered a new batch right now, but in just half a month, they might be all gone. If one took into consideration how these slave traders conducted business, it would be incredibly difficult for him to track down his sect members if they were sold again. With rules like these in place, it would be near impossible to track down a buyer, no matter how far one dug. It was impossible to check who they’d sold to whom and to where. Without a first name, a last name or any physical characteristics to use as a reference, there were naturally no clues left behind.

He had to admit that although these rules were absolutely disgusting, it did protect these profiteers’ interest and safety to an extreme degree. Even if a slave somehow regained their freedom and experienced a massive growth in strength, they wouldn’t be able to find a target for revenge. After all, just how would one track down the ultimate mastermind or the middlemen after they’d been passed through so many hands with every sense sealed?

Jiang Chen wasn’t sure what his next steps should be. If he didn’t buy them, he would miss the chance to save his sect members that were part of this...

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