Chapter 729: A Revolting Business Custom

Chapter 729: A Revolting Business Custom

"Miss Huang'er, you’re here!" Jiang Chen was ecstatic to suddenly see her. The two of them had slowly become accustomed to each other’s presence after the long journey they’d spent together. The few days of separation had left Jiang Chen with a foreign feeling, one of emptiness and loss. Seeing her again immediately brightened his mood, filling his heart with contentment. Even though it was evident that Huang’er hadn’t deliberately dressed up, her casual clothes imparted a certain unexpected charm.

"Sir Jiang, I followed your marks here. Have you found any news of big sister Gouyu?"

Jiang Chen nodded as he composed himself once again, "There are a few leads, but nothing certain yet. I was just getting ready to take a closer look." Without leaving out any details, he explained what he had learned so far.

Huang'er frowned, her slender brows knitting together a little when he finished. "If that's the way things are, then we should go check things out without delay."


Huang'er stopped herself after raising a foot, having thought of something. She giggled. "I should probably disguise myself again." Saying this, she nonchalantly passed a hand across her face. A mask glimmered into existence, hiding the beauty beneath.

Jiang Chen smiled,...

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