Chapter 728: Preliminary News

Chapter 728: Preliminary News

Lin Ming could hardly not cooperate, being the businessman he was, and with his life in Jiang’s grasp. A wry smile later, he responded to Wei Jie, “Young master Wei, someone did buy a batch of slaves from the Myriad Domain, and those slaves are indeed from the Regal Pill Palace. However…”

“Just tell me directly what you wish to say, Brother Lin,” Wei Jie said.

“It was a boss of the Fish and Dragon District who did this business, but that boss is among the top ten slave traders in Veluriyam Capital. I am far inferior to him.”

“Who is it?” Wei Jie probed deeper.

“It’s the Myriad Puppet Pavilion.”

“The Myriad Puppet Pavilion?” Wei Jie stared at him blankly.

“Yes, the Myriad Puppet Pavilion. Their backer is House Sikou,” Lin Ming spoke plainly, not holding anything back.

“House Sikou?” Wei Jie’s expression immediately turned ugly. House Sikou was one of the few sworn enemies House Wei had in Veluriyam Capital.

Lin Ming smiled wryly, “Young master, let us stop here. I would ask that you please don’t sell me out in the future. I do not nearly have enough wealth to endure the Myriad Puppet Pavilion’s full strength.”

Wei Jie said seriously, “Don’t worry, Brother Lin. I am not a person who sells out...

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