Chapter 727: Why Don’t You Beg Me Instead?

Chapter 727: Why Don’t You Beg Me Instead?

This man was about thirty years old and dressed in very luxurious clothing. It made him look a little frivolous, not to mention that he had powder on his face too, adding a hint of femininity to his appearance. Judging from his tone, he and Wei Jie were obviously not so close that they could trust each other completely, even if they knew each other. Although his tone was rather cordial, it wasn’t completely deferential.

Wei Jie smiled faintly, “Brother Lin, I see that business is booming.” As he said this, he introduced the man to Jiang Chen, “This is brother Lin Ming. He is a respectable person in Fish and Dragon District.”

“Brother Lin Ming, this is my friend Zhen Shi.” It was still the same pronunciation, just that Wei Jie had used two different characters.

“Hello, friend Zhen,” Lin Ming nodded. His expression was neither too cool nor too cordial, but just right for the occasion. “What brings you here today, young master Wei? If I recall, you aren’t too interested in the slave market.” Lin Ming was a businessman. He immediately felt a prickle of wariness when he saw that Wei Jie hadn’t revealed his intentions despite the conversation...

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