Chapter 724: A Candid Interaction

Chapter 724: A Candid Interaction

“Were we seeing things just now? Where did such a fairy come from?”

“Right? Judging from her temperament, she appears superior even to the ladies of the Upper Eight Regions.”

“Absolutely, even a first rank sect wouldn’t be able to raise a lady of such demeanor.”

The discussion wasn't taking place among the wandering cultivators, but between the disciples of the Eternal Celestial Capital. Being part of a first rank sect themselves, they felt they had the right to compare. There were in fact, no shortage of beautiful geniuses within the Eternal Celestial Capital. There were even goddess-like existences amongst their ranks. However, even those existences seemed a far cry from the lady who had passed through just now in terms of elegance and temperament.

Demeanor was a mysterious thing. There was no definitive method by which one could measure and compare, but even simple commoners would be able to identify who was superior with a single glance.


The Wei convoy entered a large city within Veluriyam Capital borders after a day of travel. True to his word, Jiang Chen put together the relevant antidote for Wei Jie during this recess. “Young master Wei, once you take this antidote...

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