Chapter 723: A Narrow Escape Through The Northern Gates

Chapter 723: A Narrow Escape Through The Northern Gates

House Wei?

The wandering cultivators around them shifted in surprise. House Wei was truly one of the greater factions in Veluriyam Capital. Although not a personal faction of one of the emperors, nor one of the most preeminent powers, it was nevertheless still a first rate power. It was one that stood out even amongst other first rate powers. Everyone knew that seven Titled Great Emperors stood at the peak of Veluriyam Capital. These were powers that stood far above all others. Beneath them were twenty eight great clans. These twenty eight great clans were the twenty eight most preeminent powers. Below these twenty eight great clans were the noble houses, among which was House Wei.

While it seemed on the surface that these noble houses came third in the power structure, factions like these were undoubtedly first-rate influences in Veluriyam Capital. These factions had the right to speak even in front of the seven emperors.

The wandering cultivators started whispering amongst themselves.

“That's House Wei! House Wei, that's not a small, ordinary faction.”

“Things are getting interesting now. It’s not hard to understand that a power like House Wei wouldn’t be happy about submitting to questioning.”

“Right. They'd have to lower their heads and submit if this was Eternal Celestial...

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