Chapter 722: Barred At The Northern Gate

Chapter 722: Barred At The Northern Gate

Jiang Chen woke up early the next morning with the intention of seeking out Huang’er and continuing their conversation. However, he was a step too late. She’d left behind a note telling him that she was going for a stroll. She also mentioned that there would be no need to wait for her, but to leave the city first. Jiang Chen knew that Huang’er had done this on purpose, and he was greatly touched by the kind gestures of this considerate girl. Although she was an incredibly beautiful, highly prestigious, and extremely talented young lady of a noble house, she was also extremely considerate and possessed none of the headstrong and unruly temper a noble lady usually had in spades. Instead, she had a open and natural bearing. Since Huang’er was rather insistent on this course of action, he naturally wouldn’t continue to turn down her offer.

He arrived at Lord Seven’s doorstep on time. The butler had been waiting at the door since daybreak. He looked noticeably more enthused than he was yesterday when he’d glimpsed Jiang Chen. “My lord, we have prepared the ingredients.”

When he heard Lord Seven’s tone, Jiang Chen immediately knew that the Wei young master was doing well. He nodded indifferently, “Let us depart then. Allow me...

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