Chapter 720: A Transaction Style Medical Consultation

Chapter 720: A Transaction Style Medical Consultation

“We check out and leave, now!” The butler was a fairly decisive person. He’d originally planned to find a pill king around Myriad Peoples City to treat, or at least delay the poison from fully taking over his young master’s body. However, he couldn’t believe that he couldn’t find a single person in the vast Myriad Peoples City who wasn’t a useless trash. Helpless, he had no choice but to rush towards Veluriyam Capital without even stopping to rest.

Veluriyam Capital possessed a territory that was more than one million square kilometers. Even if they were to rush back right now at full speed, they still wouldn’t make it to the capital of Veluriyam Capital. However, any place within Veluriyam Capital’s borders had to at least be better than Myriad Peoples City.

“Wait.” A voice suddenly sounded after the butler barked his orders. The hundreds of wandering cultivators currently present knew very well by now that this group hailed from Veluriyam Capital. No one dared continue gossiping while they were around, and so pretended to be chatting and drinking away. However, they were surprised to hear someone calling out to the group at such a time. Who was it? How were they so bold? Speaking up at such a time would only bring trouble to themselves, wouldn’t it?

These wandering cultivators would rather...

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