Chapter 718: Many Troubles

Chapter 718: Many Troubles

The city lord of Myriad Peoples City, Ji Geng, was nursing a particularly strong headache these past few days. His usually peaceful city was being trampled by unwelcome guests from the Eternal Celestial Capital. Myriad Peoples City was just a border city of the lower regions. Since it was right next to Veluriyam Capital’s domain, this area had always been relatively prosperous, so the city had become quite large. As a result, the city lord had always enjoyed a comfortable life despite technically being part of a lower region. He possessed more than enough authority, and accumulated plentiful profit from his position. The benefits he had managed to squirrel away was no lesser than those who held sway over big cities of middle regions. All in all, Ji Geng had been quite content with his life.

Although Veluriyam Capital loomed over his city, they had never exerted their considerable might to bully him. He was also rather friendly to them, so he enjoyed an amiable relationship with Veluriyam Capital. He lacked for nothing; even immortality wouldn't be enough to tempt him into trading lives. 

However, a group of people had came to Veluriyam Capital half a month ago. Leading them was a powerful holy king of the Eternal Celestial Capital. Moreover, this newcomer was at peak eighth level emperor...

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