Chapter 717: The Final Hurdle

Chapter 717: The Final Hurdle

Ten guards stepped up and broke the seals on each box. The seals themselves posed no threat, so they were easily removed. When the guards were done, the box was slowly opened.


“What’s this?!” When the boxes were opened, all ten guards had a drastic change in expression. They shuddered as if lightning had run through them.

Inside the boxes were neat rows of heads. Each box contained roughly thirty, all of them still marred with blood. It seemed they had been specially processed as they remained incredibly lifelike even after a month. There was not a sign of decay. But one thing they all had in common was an expression of terror and despair. Even at first glance, it was obvious. These men hadn’t gone quietly!

As the ruler of a region, the Great Scarlet Emperor held immense authority and occupied a lofty position. His path to the throne had been paved by the blood and bones of all those he’d killed, so he was no stranger to bloodshed. The number of people he’d killed numbered in the millions, but at this moment, as hardened as he was and to...

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