Chapter 716: Famed Throughout the Regions

Chapter 716: Famed Throughout the Regions

The person in charge immediately became more cautious after hearing Jiang Chen’s words and cautiously put away the storage ring in front of Jiang Chen.

“Please rest assured that we will deliver these items to the Great Scarlet Mid Region within a month, no matter the cost. Speaking of which, to whom specifically should we deliver this package?”

“The Great Scarlet Emperor,” Jiang Chen replied indifferently.

The other party was startled. He glanced at Jiang Chen but refrained from speaking further. Delivering things to the imperial household was no big deal for them—it was simply another bit of business. They would have to put in some extra effort to bring the package into the palace, but there would be no problem. There was no reason to refuse this easy business, especially since the commission was so generous.

Jiang Chen did not tarry at Prospering Dragon City after he finished his business. There was still much ground to cover between Prospering Dragon City to the Veluriyam Capital. He didn’t have the luxury of taking it easy right now. Now that the pursuing forces from the Eternal Celestial Capital and the Ninesuns Sky Sect had fallen at Infant Shriek, any lead or piece of information linked to him had been extinguished. This was a rare...

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