Chapter 715: None Left Alive

Chapter 715: None Left Alive

This crazy plan had woven itself into existence when Jiang Chen encountered Ling Su and learned of the valley from him. However, it’d only been a random thought that needed quite the refining to become a proper plan. It was only when he left Tai-ah City in chaos that he decided to execute this crazy idea. 

He knew from Ling Su that the Divine Befuddlement Miasma inside Infant Shriek was extremely deadly. At the time, Ling Su had been poisoned shortly after he’d set foot into the outskirts. But Jiang Chen had led this group at least fifty kilometers straight into the interior of the valley, where the Miasma was the thickest! The terrifying Miasma was undetectable to even emperor realm experts. Moreover, since everyone’s focus was on Jiang Chen, they’d never even stopped to any threat posed by the location itself. They were on guard against Jiang Chen’s tricks, formations or ambushes.

So things progressed just as Jiang Chen had predicted, the group had expended every iota of attention on him and not the valley. It was this psychological blind spot that Jiang Chen had taken full advantage of in his ambush. The reason he’d engaged them in a back and forth, let them bicker with each other and...

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