Chapter 714: Complete Annihilation?

Chapter 714: Complete Annihilation?

Formation could be split into death and life formations. Although Jiang Chen couldn’t manipulate the formation disk that flexibly, the Major Artifice Formation did possess some variation of changes. The formation disk vibrated slightly and switched the core of the formation into a different direction. This completely wasted all of Gong Wuji and Elder Hao’s previous efforts.

However, a simple change like this wouldn’t hold the enemy down for long. This was because the enemy had figured out the real intention behind the formation and that it was illusory. That was why they could search for the formation’s core without the slightest concern. As expected, the formation core couldn’t be hidden from the scans of an emperor realm consciousness, no matter how he moved it.

“It’s unfortunate that I can only use twenty percent of this formation’s true power. If it was a fully powered Major Artifice Formation, I would confound even a Titled Great Emperor.” Jiang Chen himself was feeling sorry for the formation. If the ancestors of Ancient Crimson Heavens Sect learned how he was using their Major Artifice Formation, they would probably shed tears on its behalf. He was humiliating the great formation the way with his current usage.

Jiang Chen...

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