Chapter 713: The Crimson Heavens Formation Disk Reveals Its Might

Chapter 713: The Crimson Heavens Formation Disk Reveals Its Might

The hostility in the atmosphere was palpable as everyone had their blades drawn. But when Jiang Chen suddenly burst into laughter, the ambience turned awkward.

“Brat, what are you so pleased about when your death is near at hand?” Gong Wuji glared at Jiang Chen.

Elder Hao didn’t bother sniping at Gong Wuji this time, casting an angry look at Jiang Chen. His countenance was the very picture of deep hatred and bitterness. “Jiang Chen, were you the one who killed our sect’s true disciple Cao Jin?”

The simultaneous questions from the two mid emperor realm cultivators was accompanied by a surge of emperor realm aura that weighed down on Jiang Chen like the Taihang mountain range and Mt. Wangwu. [1]

Even the cultivators surrounding him felt their breathing hitch and their movements flag, as if the might of heaven and earth were weighing down on them, much less than Jiang Chen. All eyes were on him. They were also curious to know if the Ninesuns Sky Sect’s true disciple had truly died in Jiang Chen’s hands. If that was indeed the case, then this brat was really too perverse! True disciples—especially those at the level of the ten great...

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