Chapter 712: A Three Way Match-Up

Chapter 712: A Three Way Match-Up

Not only had Jiang Chen killed his beloved grandson Gong Qi, but the former had also tricked Gong Wuji repeatedly during the past half year. Unintentional or not, the constant vexation had coalesced to the point where it was nearly an internal demon. Gong Wuji was no fool. He would take this opportunity to vent out everything.

Unexpectedly, Jiang Chen laughed with disdain. “Gong Wuji, it seems you have not lost your penchant for boasting. I still remember your insufferable arrogance back at the Regal Pill Palace when you claimed that you didn't kill anyone, but it was all the same if I wanted to blame you. Isn’t that right? Didn't you also say something about the strong preying on the weak while demanding my obedient surrender? Later on, when your grandson fell into my hands, what was it that you said? You said that if I touched a single hair of his, you would shatter my mind and leave me in a state of utter despair where I can neither live nor die. Do I remember all of that correctly?”

Words that had once been proudly spoken by Gong Wuji were recited back verbatim in a very similar tone of voice. The bystanders were shocked silly. This was absolute face slapping!

Jiang Chen laughed, and continued talking in that same leisurely...

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