Chapter 711: Gathering at Infant Shriek

Chapter 711: Gathering at Infant Shriek

“Is that Jiang Chen kid trying to commit suicide? Infant Shriek is a one way street. The deeper one goes, the more terrifying it becomes. If he really entered Infant Shriek, then he’s only cutting off his own path of retreat. Even if we don’t kill him, he won’t be able to hold out on his own. He’ll scurry out by himself,” an Eternal Celestial Capital member was quick to point out the advantages. While he sounded like he was talking about Jiang Chen, he was actually trying to give Gong Wuji a reminder. At the same time, he also doubted if the pair of wandering cultivators they were chasing was really Jiang Chen and his companion. If he really was Jiang Chen, he should be speeding along the path to Veluriyam Capital, not dallying around Infant Shriek. He couldn’t shake the feeling that Holy King Gong Wuji might have made an error in judgment this time.

Naturally, Gong Wuji understood the connotations as he coolly glanced at the man, “You don’t need to doubt anything. I don’t speak without good reason. If I wasn’t confident in my decision, would I have left the other two pairs behind and focused the bulk of our forces on this target?”

Gong Wuji couldn’t be bothered to explain any further. He waved his hand and said, “We depart!” This time, he had made better...

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