Chapter 710: Huang’er’s True Face Is Revealed

Chapter 710: Huang’er’s True Face Is Revealed

Huang’er’s comprehension ability and talent far exceeded Jiang Chen’s imagination. The speed at which she refined the cicada’s blood was so fast that it left him stupefied. Jiang Chen himself had spent quite a lot of time to refine the cicada’s blood, but Huang’er actually completed it in just a few hours. Moreover, Jiang Chen had checked the degree of her assimilation and found it to be no poorer than his.

“Miss Huang’er, I’m not a gossipy person, but sometimes I really can’t help but wonder just where on the Divine Abyss Continent could someone as smart and talented as you be raised?” Jiang Chen’s exclamation wasn’t just empty praise; his breath really had been stolen away by the surprise that Huang’er had brought him. Huang’er’s bearing, temperament and talent couldn’t be found in even the first rank sects of the Upper Eight Regions, much less the Myriad Domain.

Jiang Chen had seen plenty of first rank sect disciples in the past, such as Cao Jin and Gong Qi. Setting aside Gong Qi, while Cao Jin’s composure was decent and not as frivolous as the geniuses of the Myriad Domain, it was still a far cry from Huang’er’s. The difference between them...

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