Chapter 709: Gifting Huang’er an Opportunity

Chapter 709: Gifting Huang’er an Opportunity

As for the Ninesuns Sky Sect, Elder Hao also brought a large group of elites back to the inn they were staying at.

“Elder Hao, are we really just going to let it go like this? Venerated elder Chen Lei has declared that he will seek revenge for Cao Jin’s death…”

Elder Hao sneered as he answered in a dark mood, “Let it go? Of course not! However, Cao Jin’s death probably has nothing to do with the Eternal Celestial Capital.”

“Are they really not responsible for this?” The Ninesuns Sky Sect crowd were all surprised by this revelation.

Elder Hao frowned and said, “What’s the current situation of the Eternal Celestial Capital?”

“They’re acting suspiciously, like they’ve found a clue. They all look very confident in themselves. Could it be that they’ve found something about Jiang Chen?”

Elder Hao nodded, “Watch them closely regardless of what happens. I suspect that Cao Jin’s death may have something to do with that Jiang Chen.”

“Ah?” The crowd were taken aback when they heard that. It was obvious why they couldn’t quite wrap their heads around that revelation. They had heard a lot about Jiang Chen lately. He’d been trapped in Mt. Rippling Mirage, but had somehow appeared at the...

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