Chapter 708: Tricked by Jiang Chen

Chapter 708: Tricked by Jiang Chen

“Holy King Gong, would you like to start?” The head of the Tai-ah City suggested with a laugh. He couldn’t take sides since he was here to play the mediator, and neither could he afford to offend either side when all was said and done.

Gong Wuji snorted coldly, “The Ninesun Sky Sect came with the intention of picking a fight, greatly affecting our Eternal Celestial Capital’s search for Jiang Chen. It became even more ludicrous later on—they claimed I killed their true disciple—what bullshit! I’ve killed countless people in my life and I’ll admit to whoever I’ve actually killed. But this old man has never even seen this so-called true disciple of theirs! How could I have killed him?”

Gong Wuji was absolutely furious at this point in the conversation. The head of Tai-ah City smiled and turned to Elder Hao of the Ninesun Sky Sect. “Elder Hao, you insist that Holy King Gong killed a true disciple from your Ninesuns Sky Sect. Do you have any evidence to back that claim?”

“Evidence?” Elder Hao was almost apoplectic with anger as he pointed at the sword on Gong Wuji’s back. “That sword is proof. Its name is ‘Ocean Cover’ and is our true disciple Cao Jin’s personal weapon. That man and sword acted as one in this life....

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