Chapter 707: The Tragedy Caused by a Single Sword

Chapter 707: The Tragedy Caused by a Single Sword

Elder Hao’s sudden command caused Gong Wuji to arch an eyebrow. He said with an obviously displeased tone, “What do you want now, Elder Hao?”

Elder Hao ignored Gong Wuji completely. He stared closely at the sword Gong Wuji was holding, “Holy King Gong, did you say that this sword is yours?”

Gong Wuji’s patience had already reached its limit. Elder Hao’s impolite question only added fuel to his rage. “What the hell does it have to do with you?!”

He didn’t expect Elder Hao’s anger to be worse than his, “So you mean this sword is really yours?!”

Gong Wuji was so furious that he had started to smile, “What, is it yours then? Is your name on the sword or something?”

Elder Hao stared closely at Gong Wuji, “So, you’re saying that you really are the one who left this sword in the Great Scarlet Mid Region?”

“So. What. If. I. Was?” Gong Wuji still thought that Elder Hao was purposely picking a quarrel with him. “You’re not going to say that this sword is yours, are you? If I remember correctly, you don’t even use a sword, Hao!”

Elder Hao nodded with an extremely ugly look on his face. He said, “Good, very good! So you admit that this is your sword. How very good of you to take responsibility of your actions! Dare you to tell me where...

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