Chapter 706: Dog Eat Dog Between First Rank Sects

Chapter 706: Dog Eat Dog Between First Rank Sects

The Eternal Celestial Capital had locked down the entire city. Almost all of the wandering cultivators were gathered in a five kilometer area east of the city with no means of escape. They were soon driven back into Tai-ah City amid loud objections and complaints. Ling Su and his daughter were no exception as they were also forced to return. However Jiang Chen wasn’t overly worried about them. The difference in gender and age would make it rather easy for them to be ruled out during the interrogation.

The inspection processes had become noticeably more stringent upon their return. Entry was simple, but if one wished to leave, they would have to undergo several rounds of inspections and interrogations. Apparently, the Eternal Celestial Capital had not yet given up on the search for Jiang Chen. The commotion just now had renewed Gong Wuji’s feeling that Jiang Chen was already in Tai-ah City. Moreover, he was likely within the group of a thousand wandering cultivators. How could such fake news have spread otherwise?

It was obviously a programmed diversion to help Jiang Chen slip away during the confusion. This was why they had doubled the severity of their ...

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