Chapter 705: Encountering Old Acquaintances

Chapter 705: Encountering Old Acquaintances

Jiang Chen recalled the voice he’d heard earlier, but felt it to be rather unfamiliar. It probably belonged to someone he didn’t know. That being said, a person’s voice could be changed. Although Jiang Chen looked like he was pushing his way out along with the bustling crowd as best he could, he eventually split away from the traffic and fell to the back of the crowd on purpose. Suddenly, he glimpsed a man and a woman standing at the city gates. These two figures caused him a great deal of shock.

The woman wasn’t tall, and her countenance wasn’t one that Jiang Chen recognized. However, the curve of her full breasts gave Jiang Chen a distinct sense of deja vu. He was further shocked when he swept his consciousness across the man and found out who they were. Why are they here?

He never would have imagined that he would encounter them in this place! No wonder the curve of that woman’s breasts had seemed so familiar to him. She was none other than Ling Hui’er! Moreover, the man next to her was none other than Ling Hui’er and Ling Bi’er’s father, Ling Su!

Ling Hui’er had disguised herself slightly, but her awe-inspiring breasts were still eye-catching. Jiang Chen naturally wasn’t unfamiliar with them. Although he’d never observed Ling Hui’er’s wonderful...

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