Chapter 704: The Tyrannical Eternal Celestial Capital

Chapter 704: The Tyrannical Eternal Celestial Capital

After meeting up with Huang’er through use of the secret signal they’d established, the two were actually in no hurry to join a team. They’d realized these teams were everywhere in Tai-ah City. There were at least a couple thousand of them floating about the city in various groups.

“Money can make even ghosts turn millstones. What a true saying,” Jiang Chen sighed secretly, despite knowing that these so-called wandering cultivators posed no threat to him at all. Jiang Chen couldn’t help but feel some remorse after seeing a single bounty notice cause such a chaotic scene. Birds die for food while men die for wealth.

Resources were scarce in the world of martial dao, a fact particularly obvious for wandering cultivators. That’s why bounty notices from major sects or empires always caused an immense stir within the Divine Abyss Continent. Things had been no exception this time.

Only ten days remained until the announced date of Dan Chi’s public execution. Although Jiang Chen was nervous, he couldn’t ask around carelessly. The numerous wandering cultivators each had their own opinion, and the news they offered were often hearsay at best. Jiang...

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