Chapter 703: Dan Chi Captured?

Chapter 703: Dan Chi Captured?

Jiang Cheng and Huang’er were far away from the Great Scarlet Mid Region half a year later. But because of the bounty notice issued by the Great Scarlet Empire, there were fanatic bounty hunters hunting for them everywhere they went, even though they were a long distance away from the Great Scarlet Mid Region. Therefore, Jiang Chen and Huang’er weren’t able to make their way to the Veluriyam Capital at top speed. That being said, since they were dressed as origin realm wandering cultivators, they weren’t suspected even though they were questioned a few of times along the way.

Since he had a sufficient amount of Heroic Sage Pills, Jiang Chen achieved a breakthrough once more during this time. He’d successfully ascended to the third level sage realm. Since Jiang Chen didn’t wish to attract any attention while he was undergoing his ascension, he activated a formation and completed the ascension inside of it. Huang’er watched over Jiang Chen outside the formation. The entire process thankfully progressed without a hitch.

After associating with each other for half a year, the duo quite enjoyed journeying in each other’s company. In fact, their joint flute and zither performance of the ‘Ethereal Soothing Melody’ had practically reached perfection. Compared to the time she’d...

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