Chapter 702: New Journey, Veluriyam Capital

Chapter 702: New Journey, Veluriyam Capital

These wandering cultivators were all fierce people. They instinctively wanted to yell at the newcomers who’d butted in on their conversation. However, when they noticed that the strangers’ attire seemed to identify them as sect disciples from the Great Scarlet Mid Region, they forcefully swallowed the abuses that had formed on the tip of their tongues. The one-eyed man cast the strangers a glance, then nodded indifferently. “It just did. That’s what everyone outside is talking about at the moment. Haven’t you heard?” 

The sect disciples weren’t as strong as the wandering cultivators, nor did they have any wish to cause unnecessary trouble. As such, they quickly stepped outside to check the bounty notice for themselves. Jiang Chen wasn’t surprised to learn about the bounty on his head. After so many conflicts, he and the Great Scarlet Mid Region were at complete odds with one another. It was only natural that the Great Scarlet Empire had issued a bounty for his head. 

The crowd that was checking out the bounty notice was enormous. Thankfully, the empire had stuck similar notices in several different places. As he was just one of the many people checking out the bounty notice, Jiang Chen didn’t stand out at all. He sneered inwardly as he stared at the bounty notice. A bounty on my head, eh? He...

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