Chapter 701: Bounty, Pursuit

Chapter 701: Bounty, Pursuit

When they charged into the core area, the crowd’s footsteps abruptly came to a stop. Everyone’s expression turned extremely dark and stiff in an instant. They couldn’t stop their hearts from spasming. A few cowardly fighters couldn’t help but look at the sky. They were afraid that Gong Wuji, high up in the sky, would suddenly go berserk and slaughter them all.

Indeed, they’d seen Gong Qi.

More accurately speaking, they saw a partial Gong Qi.

Gong Qi was hung on a tree and swaying slightly in midair. He was barely alive, and his back was engraved with words that had been made by a sharp weapon. “Gong Wuji, this is but the start of my revenge for the destruction of my sect. Neither the Eternal Celestial Capital nor the Great Scarlet Mid Region will escape Jiang Chen’s wrath!”

These bloody words appeared incredibly sinister as they were engraved directly into Gong Qi’s back. To add onto that, his arms had been completely hacked off, and his meridians and dantian completely shattered as well. Even if he were to survive, he would just be trash. In any case, he was dead for sure with those kinds of injuries. Gong Wuji’s bitter screams rained down from the sky. He immediately landed beside Gong Qi and held his grandson in his arms....

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