Chapter 70: Vying with Each Other to Sign Up (Teaser)

Chapter 70: Vying with Each Other to Sign Up

There were ten major tribes within the entirety of the Jiang Han territory, and there were many more smaller tribes beneath each of the major tribes.

Each of these tribes was controlled by a family clan.

The Redbud Tribe, for instance, was controlled by the Jing family.

The Yinglan Tribe, for instance, was controlled by the tribe of Jiang Chen’s mother, the Lan family.

Of course, each tribe would have many subordinate family clans apart from the core family clan. They would thus jointly form the ruling power.

Therefore, several hundred family clans had gathered in the main square of River Wave City today. Every single family clan was represented by at least twenty or thirty people - the gathering was truly great in strength and impetus.

Jiang Feng wasn’t in the Jiang Han territory, so Jiang Tong was the acting duke. However, he naturally wouldn’t steal his nephew’s thunder today. Jiang Tong clearly knew that his nephew Jiang Chen was the star of today’s show.

“Everyone, we have called you here today in the name of the duke because we have a joyous event of cosmic proportions to announce to everyone!”

A faint smile creased Jiang Tong’s face as his gaze swept in a circle, sweeping past the face of every tribe’s chief.

“Heh heh, the third lord has even mobilized the name of the duke to summon us here,...

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