Chapter 698: More Unexpected Events Arise

Chapter 698: More Unexpected Events Arise

“Speak!” Gong Wuji was a senior executive of a first rank sect, a majestic holy king of the Eternal Celestial Capital. He was an existence that could personally dictate the fates of those in the Upper Eight Regions. Who would’ve thought that such a person would be forced to restrain his temper before this sage realm cultivator? It wasn’t difficult at all to imagine the boiling resentment in his heart.

“First, I want all of you to get the hell out from Regal Pill Palace territory!

“Second, you will bring back each and every one of the prisoners you've captured with the fastest speed possible. You have one month. For every missing person, your grandson will personally donate an organ to their memory. Remember, you have only one month!

“Third, you will return each and every item you took from this place. If not, your grandson will also suffer for each missing item!” Jiang Chen didn’t want to speak too much. He calmly looked at Gong Wuji silently after stating his three demands. He hadn’t made any absurd requests. All of Jiang Chen’s conditions were fully within Gong Wuji’s authority to agree to and fulfill. Just as Gong Wuji was worried about his grandson, so was Jiang...

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