Chapter 696: Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

Chapter 696: Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

“Report for the elder! Senior brother Ding Rong came back just now and said that he’d discovered some clues. He needs to make an urgent trip to the Regal Pill Palace headquarters to meet with the sect head.” A patrolling elder came to make a report to the eighth level sage realm elder standing at the door.

“Oh?” The elder frowned, “Did he say what kind of clues they were?”

“No, and I didn’t dare ask,” the patrolling elder shook his head.

“Did he go alone?”

The patrolling elder hastily responded, “He was with disciple Hua and two of Hua’s followers, Feng and Zhang. However, I didn’t see the two followers.”

Feng and Zhang were all minor characters in the origin realm, so the elder didn’t pay them much attention. He was more curious about the supposed clues Ding Rong had discovered. As curious as he was, he didn’t dare hold the slightest dissatisfaction towards Ding Rong’s independent actions. Ding Rong was the personal disciple of the sect head and had reached fifth level sage realm...

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