Chapter 695: Baiting a Fifth Level Sage Realm Genius

Chapter 695: Baiting a Fifth Level Sage Realm Genius

“Ah?” A hint of fear leaked out from Zhang Ole Third’s eyes when he heard that Ding Rong was the one he was going to bait over.

“What? Is there a problem?” Jiang Chen’s expression turned cold.

“You… Senior brother Ding… is with the elder. It’s very difficult to lure him out alone.”

“What if the bait is a sky rank spirit herb?” Jiang Chen asked indifferently.

Zhang Ole Third looked distracted. Then he asked suddenly, “Will you promise to let me live if I lure out senior brother Ding?”

There wasn’t much meaning to killing a small fry like him. Jiang Chen also understood that he had to promise something substantial in order to encourage Zhang Ole Third to take wholehearted action. Moreover, this Zhang Ole Third would become a traitor to Thunder Note Hall anyway if he successfully lured Ding Rong over. His life wouldn’t affect the greater picture in the slightest. When his thoughts reached that point, Jiang Chen smiled faintly and said, “I can swear a heavenly oath that I will not take your life. But don’t forget that if you fail…”

Zhang Ole Third gritted his teeth in determination and said, “I know. In the end, my life depends entirely on whether I can lure senior brother Ding Rong to this place.”

“Smart,” Jiang Chen smiled fai...

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