Chapter 692: Huang’er’s Affection

Chapter 692: Huang’er’s Affection

The explosion caused by a sage realm cultivator’s self detonation was fairly threatening. The young geniuses of Thunder Note Hall and Great Roc Sect standing beside Shen Qinghong all suffered moderate to serious injuries and were quite bedraggled by the blast. One of them had even suffered heavy injuries and looked to be on the verge of death. This unforeseen accident caused Gong Wuji’s mood to worsen further. He waved his hand and yelled, “After them!”

Jiang Chen and Huang’er used multiple escape glyphs in succession as they made their escape. It was only after they had run for roughly fifteen hundred kilometers that they finally came to a stop at a secluded place.

They stopped not because Jiang Chen didn’t have enough escape glyphs on him, but because he could sense something wrong with Miss Huang’er. Jiang Chen’s consciousness was extremely sensitive. He noticed that Huang’er was apparently losing control over the Generation Binding Curse. He hastily came to a stop and summoned the Bewitching Lotus of Fire and Ice, tunneling several hundred feet underground. He found a suitable corner and opened up a space that could fit the both of them. Then, he supported Huang’er to a sitting position on the ground.

“Miss Huang’er, please sit quietly for...

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