Chapter 691: Huang’er Makes A Move Again

Chapter 691: Huang’er Makes A Move Again

“A chance, you say?” Jiang Chen stared closely at that bald headed man, the former’s eyes as chilly as killing knives. He looked as if he was engraving this Gong Wuji’s countenance into his heart.

“Hehe, judging from the look in your eyes, I can see that you’re obviously going to squander this precious chance of yours.” Gong Wuji shook his head and sighed, “In that case, prepare yourself for judgment!”

Jiang Chen abruptly broke out in laughter, “Does that mean you don’t want the sky and earth rank spirit herbs, or even the Longevity Pill’s pill recipe anymore? Also… don’t you want to know where your sect’s spy, Lin Hai, is?”

Gong Wuji’s face abruptly darkened when he heard Lin Hai’s name. Lin Hai was a pawn he’d mentored personally and planted in the Dark North Sect. He’d never called upon Lin Hai to reap the rewards. So how could he not be shocked when he heard Lin Hai’s name from Jiang Chen’s lips? He was sure no one knew of his pawn’s identity. How did this Jiang Chen figure it out? He admitted that the sky and earth rank spirit herbs were incredibly attractive, but even they had to wait when the great matter the Eternal Celestial Capital had pursued for over a millennium...

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