Chapter 689: Jiang Chen to the Rescue

Chapter 689: Jiang Chen to the Rescue

However, none of the geniuses who’d emerged from the Paramount Realm had seen Jiang Chen inside. How would they possibly give any useful intelligence?

“This is your last chance, but it seems that none of you treasure it!” Qitian Sect Head Xing’s tone suddenly turned frosty as his killing intent surged.

Jiang Chen and Ling Bi'er looked at each other beneath the ground, a feeling of helplessness rising in both of them. Their strength wasn’t enough for the two of them to attempt a rescue. Jiang Chen hardened his heart and began making plans to leave. He was well aware that brashly attempting rescue would not only end up in failure, but might also condemn the both of them to death. Yet precisely at that moment, a voice transmitted through the air to his ears, “Sir Jiang, I’ll lure the two emperor realm cultivators away, you save everyone.”

Jiang Chen was first startled and then delighted, “It’s Miss Huang’er!” Some bizarre confidence rose in his heart when he heard Huang’er’s voice. He sent a message to Ling Bi’er, “Senior sister, listen to my commands. We’re going to save them.”

Ling Bi’er’s heart trembled...

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