Chapter 688: Devastating Battle Situation

Chapter 688: Devastating Battle Situation

All of the nightmares that Wang Han had ever experienced in his life combined wouldn’t have measured to the fear that he’d just felt. A third level emperor realm cultivator, the backer that he’d just managed to toady up to, had not even been able to put up a sliver of resistance against that terrifying strength. That was a third level emperor realm cultivator!

Wang Han’s very organs were shivering in fear, and it almost seemed like his pores were following suit. Terror and despair chased out every whit of feeling from his body. Never mind Wang Han, even Ling Bi’er thought that she’d gone delusional right then. She didn’t recover from her shock until after the restriction attack had vanished.

“Junior brother, what… what was that?” She stammered in incredulous, low tones.

“That old man liked to pretend he was all that. So I simply gave him a taste of what it felt like to have thunder and lightning strike him.” Jiang Chen smiled faintly and shot a solemn glance at Wang Han.

Wang Han’s will was so far gone that he couldn’t even keep himself upright at a casual glare from Jiang Chen. His knees weakened and gave way without warning, sending him tumbling to the ground. His mind had completely collapsed into gibberish....

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