Chapter 687: The Terrifying Power of Restriction

Chapter 687: The Terrifying Power of Restriction

Sect Head Qin Mo’s expression sank, “What do you want to do, Jiang Chen?”

Jiang Chen didn’t respond and took out a stalk of sky rank spirit herb with a cold laugh instead. Then, he replied in a remote, disinterested tone, “This is the first stalk of a sky rank spirit herb. If my senior sister isn’t by my side safe and sound by the time I count to five, I’ll destroy it.”

Qin Mo frowned, “What nonsense are you spewing in broad daylight, kid? Shall I let your senior sister just walk over only for the two of you to escape via a talisman?”

Wang Ha nodded in agreement, “Honored master, this kid is fond of devious plans and traps. Don’t fall for his schemes!”

Jiang Chen didn’t bother wasting any more words. He smirked oddly, rubbed his hands together and reduced the spirit herb to dust. Then, he immediately took out another one. “I’ll count to five again…” His tone was cold and cruel.

Sect Head Qin Mo trembled, even his organs started spasming. Jiang Chen had destroyed a sky rank spirit herb just like this! That was slicing flesh off Qin Mo’s body! Even Wang Han hadn’t thought that Jiang Chen would be so resolute. The expressions on all their faces were quite ugly to behold....

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