Chapter 686: The Stalwart Lin Bi’er

Chapter 686: The Stalwart Lin Bi’er

Damn it! When he saw what had transpired, Wang Jianyu immediately chased after the fading light. Wang Han’s face also drained of all color. He would’ve started cursing if Wang Jianyu wasn't his grandfather.

“After her!” Wang Han instructed with a wave of his hand. Those from the Sacred Sword Palace were all ashen-faced and didn’t dare to express the slightest dissent. They were all elders of the Sacred Sword Palace and by no means inferior to Wang Han, but Wang Han’s position now was even higher than Wang Jianyu’s, after becoming Sect Head Qin Mo’s disciple. Who would dare disobey him? Everyone left in pursuit of Ling Bi’er. 

A majestic palace suddenly appeared in the desert after five kilometers. It towered over the yellow sands and measured over hundreds of acres in area. In the lead, Sect Head Qin Mo halted his pursuit about a thousand meters away and stared at the awe-inspiring palace. His expression was filled with momentary surprise. He hadn’t expected that such a magnificent palace would exist within the transcendent region of the Paramount Realm. What’s the purpose of constructing such a palace...

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