Chapter 685: Encounter on a Narrow Path

Chapter 685: Encounter on a Narrow Path

If I remember correctly, this brat should’ve scrammed back to the Sacred Sword Palace already. Suddenly, Jiang Chen realized, “Great changes must be taking place in the outside world as we expected. Otherwise, the Myriad Domain sects wouldn’t have let the Sacred Sword Palace enter the Paramount Realm.”

He felt somewhat anxious when his thoughts travelled up to this point. Killing intent also surged at the same time. Regardless of the nature of this upheaval, Jiang Chen was almost certain that the Sacred Sword Palace was colluding with external forces. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been able to overcome either the Regal Pill Palace and the Dark North Sect with their power alone, let alone the Great Cathedral. It was even less possible for them to act so brazenly in the transcendent region of the Paramount Realm.

“Haha, Jiang Chen, this Ling Bi'er is quite a tantalizing wench. Which youth in the Myriad Domain doesn’t lust after her? How much of a commotion would it be if I disrobe her? Tell me, how many lush green hats would be have to wear if the goddess of the Myriad Domain is so promiscuous that any man can be her husband?” Wang...

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