Chapter 683: Refining the Abode

Chapter 683: Refining the Abode

Jiang Chen had conducted copious research into all sorts of physical planes in his past life. Many of the geniuses he’d encountered had actually ascended from these physical planes. As a result, he knew a great deal about those planes. This fate secret realm was likely a secret realm of the highest level on an ordinary plane like the Divine Abyss Continent. Something like this normally wouldn’t appear this easily. Its discovery would undoubtedly bring forth a world-shaking change to the ordinary plane it appeared in. After all, a path to the heavenly law might not appear even once in ten thousand years.

It was the first time that Jiang Chen had clearly seen the words ‘heavenly planes’ ever since his reincarnation. Although the message only mentioned the words without any sort of clarifying details, Jiang Chen still felt excitement begin to brew in his chest.

Even though the universe was vast, with plenty of heavenly planes, not to mention that the one connected to the Divine Abyss Continent might not have necessarily been the one that his father had ruled in the past… Jiang Chen still couldn’t help but feel much anticipation when he saw the words ‘heavenly...

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