Chapter 682: Emperor Featherflight’s Remains

Chapter 682: Emperor Featherflight’s Remains

Given the current situation, Lin Hai’s thoughts were perfectly understandable. After all, it was impossible that a person monstrous enough to kill a true disciple of Ninesuns Sky Sect, deceive him and Jun Mobai, and even drive them to their deaths could possibly spring from the Myriad Domain. There was no way Lin Hai would believe that a Myriad Domain genius could perform such a feat.

Xiang Qin’s strength was exceptional in the Myriad Domain, and he could be considered to be the strongest genius of the region. However, Lin Hai was confident that both he and Jun Mobai could deal with this foremost genius. As for an expert at Cao Jin’s level, that kind of existence was much stronger than even him and Jun Mobai. Even Xiang Qin would suffer a completely one-sided defeat if he were to encounter Cao Jin. However, this Jiang Chen was actually strong enough to take out Cao Jin!

Could he be the top genius of a first rank sect? Was he an emperor realm cultivator? Lin Hai’s mind was filled with doubt and fear. He wanted to obtain the truth from Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen smiled calmly and stared at Lin Hai. “Senior brother Lin Hai, I didn’t know that you were such a good actor.” His tone was calm despite the rather messy situation.

“Jiang Chen, stop pretending already....

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